Coins for nothing

Doing nothing as the ultimate form of labour in the age of automation!


The more inactive you are, the more oblomo coins you’ll mine.


Is a non-work for work exchange platform where you spend oblomos and place ads.

Wallets and Coin supply

Wallets hold the total supply of all existing oblomo coins.

AI Rig

An innovative eco-friendly crypto mining method. A TensorFlow library that uses Real-time pose estimation in the browser, based on custom blockchain and machine learning software.

Om block

Om blocks are large blocks of coin transactions recorded on the Oblomo blockchain. It is a procedure with a higher frame rate of mining to create a large amount of new coins in the system.

Oblomov, oblomovism, Oblomo

Oblomov -ism, after the nobleman who rarely leaves his bed in Ivan Goncharov's novel Oblomov (1859)

The People

Avtor: Sašo Sedlaček

Programiranje: Sunčica Hermansson

Production: Aksioma