A blockchain solution for the enhancement of human inactivity

With its own cryptocurrency and machine learning software, the Oblomo platform rewards users for being inactive.

By employing the same technologies that make us actually work all the time, such as biometrics, the Oblomo platform turns inactivity, motionlessness, laziness into an economic value.

Oblomo democratizes once privileged values and changes our perspective on idleness from something despicable into something worthy, thus turning laziness into a productive activity with purchasing power.

When the AI rig detects the user’s non-activity, it rewards it by sending Oblomo coins to the electronic wallet. Users can spend coins on the platform’s market, which is at its core a non-work for work exchange platform, where users’ goods and services are exchanged and sold.

The Oblomo platform is a web application that works in a browser, so anyone can use it on their phone, tablet or computer, practically on any device with an internet connection and a webcam.