There is one Public and countless My/User wallets in the system. Together they hold the Total supply of all existing oblomo coins.

PUBLIC walet

Holds the newly created coins in the system. New coins are made by unsigned users when mining inactivity. New coins are stored in the Public wallet and reserved to reward signed users for their inactivity.

MY wallets

User’s wallets store the coins for users inactivity. hold the circulating number of coins in the system. The approximate number that’s currently in public hands and circulating in the market.

Signed users, when mining, transfer coins from the Public wallet to My wallets.

New coins are made by unsigned users when mining and stored in the Public wallet.


TOTAL SUPPLY = NEW COINS (Public wallet) + CIRCULATING COINS (Users’ wallets)

TOTAL = All the coins

NEW coins = Public wallet

CIRCULATING Coins = User’s wallets

Oblomo coin has no hard cap and its maximum supply is infinite. However, the rate of new coins released will decrease over time with the increase in mining time needed to create new coins, thus adding value to existing coins.